How to generate instant equity on every property investment you purchase... Sometimes up to $30,000!

Joint Venture Partner Program

How to Create Instant Equity

If you are thinking about buying an investment property or building a property portfolio you may have realised it's quite a scary and timely task. However, with the right assistance and help from a professional, it can be an easy and effortless task when you take in to account that you are getting a massive discount from day 1 of the property purchase.

Building a property portfolio quickly relies on increasing your equity overtime, this is the key to generating substantial wealth ing the property market.

You may have heard a phrase that you make your money when you buy the property, this is a common phrase and is absolutely correct!

How we help is we save you time, headache and show you how to not just buy one property but buy multiple in a very short period of time.

We would like to introduce to you our brand new offering called the Joint Venture Property Program which is an exciting and exclusive opportunity for member of our Real Estate for Profit team to joint venture and partner with us from the start and get direct access to wholesale properties thereby enabling you instant equity in your portfolio.

How does the program work?

Contrary to many other marketing companies that receive bloated marketing fees, we simply remove those marketing fees thereby producing the purchased price of the property for our joint venture partners.

This helps us in a number of ways enabling us to sell properties much faster than our competition, buy more land deals and enable you as a joint venture partner the ability and exclusive benefits of instant equity in your property purchase.

Unlike other marketers and developers we only display properties in growth areas with long term growth predictions.

About Us

At our company we are a mixture of coaches, property developers, property investors and financers with a massive amount of experience that focus on insuring our clients are 100% satisfied and fully informed on our joint venture partner service.

We exclusively work with serious buyers and individuals who wished to build their property portfolio fast.

Through our partners and developers and builders we find land deals, work with fantastic builders and even assist to approve applicants securing finance and even a tenant for your investment property.

The way we have structured our program it's guaranteed to produce the completion time, reduce delays, and practically does virtually everything for you and keep you informed every step of the way. We like to make property investing a funny experience and unforgettable adventure from the beginning right down to the end of completion and encourage you to come back and invest and work with us again!

We have formed alliances with licensed professionals in financial services, developing, building, finance, property developing and real estate thereby ensuring that all our clients are fully informed, full due diligence is carried out and full disclosure is made about all facets of our property investing service.

To discover more, you may contact us today by simply clicking the button below or calling us on (02) 8007 4127. Or email us at

Here's A Quick Case Study

To demonstrate how we work, let's take a look at a case study.

Let's say the market price is $350,000 and when you take into consideration the $30,000 instant equity that you receive as a joint venture partner the purchase price becomes $320,000 which has as you can see a substantial equity saving almost instantly.

What does this mean?

Firstly, it means you do not have to wait 18 to 20 months to show a 10% capital growth to generate.

Secondly, it means that you generate instant equity from the day you purchase the property.

By becoming a joint venture partner with us today, our team will take care of everything that you require and address every concern that you have making the process easy, simple and effortless.

Here are more examples of some existing properties that we currently have on the market as we speak.

Current Instant Equity Deals

  • Priced at $514,280
  • Instant Equity $20,000

Heddon Greta

*Instant Equity / House & Land

4 Bdrm • 2 Bath • 2-Car Garage

  • Priced at $519,585
  • Instant Equity $20,000

Heddon Leigh

*Instant Equity / House & Land

4 Bdrm • 2 Bath • 2-Car Garage

  • Priced at $580,559
  • Instant Equity $20,000


*Instant Equity / House & Land

4 Bdrm • 2 Bath • 1-Car Garage

Is that amazing? If you review the properties above you will discover the purchase prices, the instant equity generated, the cash flow generated from these properties and gross yield and that's just the beginning!

We assist with the taxation depreciation schedules thereby enabling you to claim depreciation without hurrying a team of experts. We also enable to approve applicant's finance as well even finding tenants for your property!

All these is available only with our joint venture program.

We work with only experienced builders and developers.
We deliver and bring professional coaching as well as property.
From the first day of purchase you will create instant equity.
How To Grow Your
Portfolio Fast!
Every step of the way we guide you step by step.

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